​Are you a novice home improvement

This site was created to help you understand that you CAN handle a project by yourself.  The first time that you tackle a project, it might be time-consuming and maybe a little frustrating.  But it also gives you that magical thing called “experience.”  The next time you do this, or a similar project, it will be easier.

​Two rules of doing-it-yourself

1.  If the worst that can happen costs you a little time and involves buying some more materials – but gives you some good experience -- then give it a try.

2. If the worst that can happen involves a fire engine or an ambulance – call a contractor.

​Do-it-yourself projects

Most of what needs to be done around the house involves a screwdriver, pliers, and/or a hammer.  As you get into more projects, the type of project will determine what tools you need.​

Jobs you might get into include –

Hanging shelves

Replacing or oiling hinges on a door

Unplugging a sink or toilet


Replacing a light fixture

Making a bookcase, table, or bench

Adding sliding drawers in the kitchen

Changing the filter on your furnace or heat pump

Installing vinyl floor tiles or wood flooring

Drywall repair (small holes)

And so on.  The list is only limited by your imagination and by your willingness to tackle a project.

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