How to find the BEST swing sets of 2022

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Find the best swing set in 2022 for you and how to save yourself $$$ of dollars by assembling your swing or playset yourself!

We love our (almost complete) swingset!

Step 1.

Before you start make a list of what you want. Be as specific as you want but know that swing sets can get quite expensive. I knew I wanted something with a “club house,” and at least a double or triple swing, and a minimum of one slide. My oldest loves to swing and my youngest loves to play pretend so for me those were two non-negotiables. I really considered a complete DIY but due to the cost of lumber it was more effective to buy a set and assemble it.

Step 2.

Set a budget.

This step can be quite daunting, but don’t skip it! If you decide to wing it you may end up paying way more than you originally planned. I paid around $1,500 for my KidKraft Hilltop Playset. My budget was under 2k.

Anywhere from $800-$5000 is probably a healthy budget for a new swing set in 2022.

Step 3.

Set expectations.

Have you ever driven around your neighborhood and seen elaborate swing sets and thought to yourself, man that looks expensive! Maybe it’s just me but the thought of putting together a three-story playset with swings seemed impossible, but I DID IT! I have no prior experience with a project this large, so it was certainly no small undertaking.

I toyed with the idea of building my own from scratch, and even found these plans. In the end with the price of lumber it was cheaper for me to buy a DIY kit. I had no intention of paying someone $500+ to put it together for me so I gathered up my tools and got to work! Prior to building I did purchase a Ryobi tool set (my 35th birthday present!) and I am so glad that I did! I purchase this kit. Check out my post on Ryobi tool kits if you want to learn more and find which kit is best for you!

Step 4.

Time to get started!

When the pieces got delivered, it was quite daunting. I had ordered the Cedar Summit by KidKraft Hilltop Playset from Costco and it arrived within a few days, probably a good thing before I got cold feet. It arrived in three large boxes that took my husband’s car parking space in our garage.

The play structure got assembled first. The first two levels went together before the swing assembly was put together. This is not a project that you will accomplish in a day. Even with the assistance of my dad on a few occasions it took us around 40 man-hours to complete. There were a few occasions where it was very helpful to have three people, but most of the assembly was done with two people who have pretty much zero experience with woodworking.

After the main play structure and swings were assembled there was still a lot more than I expected. We did skip forward a few times so that the kids could play, the slides according to the directions were one of the last steps but we ended up putting them on before we were even halfway through the steps. best swing sets, double swing set, backyard play equipment

I am so incredibly glad that we decided to add some backyard play equipment to our home. My kids always want to go outside and play, and outside play time away from screens and letting them run around and use their imaginations is always a win for me!

Since I did purchase my double swing set from Costco I am aware that not everyone has a Costco warehouse near them. I have purchased many large items such as my washer and dryer from them as well and even if I didn’t shop in the warehouse would make up for the membership. If you’re considering signing up, my opinion (I know you didn’t ask lol) is GO FOR IT!…*not sponsored just my opinion!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below and thank you for being here!

3 thoughts on “How to find the BEST swing sets of 2022”

  1. My wife and I took on the task of doing one very similar to this ourselves. Took us a couple of months because we were distracted doing other things as well, but it is so much better than paying several hundred dollars for someone else to put it together. It was not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be

  2. I love this article. I was driving around my neighborhood and saw all the swing sets and thought to myself “I and my wife could build that.” This was during 2020 before lumber got more expensive, and we did not budget, but it has been an amazing swing set that has made our home the cool place for our kids friends to spent time together.

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