Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox: A Classic Toolbox You’ll Love

Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox: A Classic Toolbox You'll Love
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When it comes to tools and accessories for DIY projects, repair and maintenance, and construction, a toolbox is a necessity. Over time, your skills improve, and your tool collection expands. A toolbox provides you with a convenient way to store your tools in one place, protect them from damage, and prevent accidents.

There are hundreds of toolboxes today, but this Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox seems like an excellent choice. When it comes to purchasing a toolbox, you have to consider buying something that fits your needs.

A good one should have the right size, shape, and style for the tools in your project. It should be not only large but also heavy-duty and reliable. The Stack-On Multipurpose Tool Box has all of these features and more.

Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox

Stack-On is a trusted company that focuses on strength and durability. This Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox stands out among the other toolboxes in stores today because of this principle. What does this toolbox has to offer that others don’t? Well, let’s find out by looking at its features.


There are many reasons to love this Stack-on toolbox, and we will talk about them all below.

  • Durable Built

The Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is crafted from nickel-plated steel, resulting in a heavy-duty quality and construction. This built reliably holds the tools and accessories no matter how heavy the overall weight gets. It is truly manufactured for strength and durability as compared to the other toolboxes made of plastic.

Finished with strong baked epoxy coating, the Stack-On Multipurpose Tool Box is rust- and solvent-resistant too. It adds strength by keeping unwanted elements away from its exterior so that even after long years of rugged use, it stays strong and reliable.

  • Intelligent and Functional Design

The Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox has a shiny, red coating. It looks elegant and easily spotted in the stock room because of its brightly colored finish. Moreover, it also features a built-in logo on the front. This logo carries the name of the manufacturer, which adds elegance to the look of the toolbox.

  • Reliable Locking Mechanism

To keep the tools and accessories secured inside, the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is built with a full-length staked piano hinge. It also has an all-steel endcap built as well as nickel-finished steel draw bolts that keep the toolbox tightly closed. To protect the contents, under the latch is a space intended for a small padlock.

  • Convenience

The Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox has a removable plastic tray that can house frequently-used tools and accessories. It also provides an organized way to store your tools. In fact, for bigger tools, you can remove the plastic tray to make way for them.

The steel handle of the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is comfortable and makes lifting and transporting it easy and manageable. It is placed on the upper center of the box, so it distributes the weight very well. When empty, the weight of this toolbox is 4.9 pounds, and the dimensions are 16 by 7 by 7.5 inches.

  • Versatility

The Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is not only intended for hardware and construction tools. Because of its style, color, size, and built, it can also be used for storing any accessories. It provides protection from dirt, rust, and water, keeping the items placed inside safe from the harsh elements.

What We Like About Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox:

  • Multi-functional design
  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient to use
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Has a provision for a padlock
  • Rust- and solvent-proof coating
  • Keeps items secured
  • Designed with a removable tray
  • Stylish look
  • Good clasp mechanism

Some Areas for Improvement:

  • The removable tray is made of plastic
  • Lid hinges are a bit flimsy
  • Dents quite easily


The Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is not an ordinary toolbox. While most toolboxes today are made of plastic that may easily dent or crack, this Stack-On toolbox is made of heavy-duty steel. It is a durable material that does not easily rust or crack. It is also made with a strong locking mechanism with a padlock provision to secure the content.

With this toolbox, you can easily find frequently-used tools and organize them in the removable tray. Although the tray is plastic, it is pretty durable and can hold small items. It can also be detached when storing larger tools.

The bonus point of the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox is its elegant-looking, shiny, red coating that features the manufacturer’s name in front. Looking at it, you can just imagine it sitting in your shed or garage for years to come.

Comparison with a Similar Toolbox

Even though the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox seems like an excellent toolbox for any project, some users might want something with a more comfortable handle. For that, we recommend that you check out the Ganchun Toolbox.

This toolbox is also a 16-inch storage that is made of stainless steel. This means that it does not easily cracks or dents. Additionally, it also has parts made of premium ABS, which improves the strength and durability of this toolbox.

Unlike the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox, the handle of the Ganchun Toolbox is a comfortable grip-style handle with finger spaces. It is located on the upper middle of the box, which means that it helps distribute the load. It also comes with a detachable interior tray to store smaller tools and accessories.  Its bottom slot can accommodate larger tools and durable enough to carry heavy loads as well.

The Ganchun Toolbox has a stylish design that is different from the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox. Aside from being unique and fashionable, the design makes this toolbox resistant from dust and dirt. It also comes with a safety lock and child-protect feature.

Both toolboxes have the same capacity and removable tray for smaller items. The big difference, though, is the price. Looking at the almost the same features of both tool boxes, the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox still stands out because it is more affordable than the Ganchun Toolbox.

Despite the more comfortable handle, durable construction, and child-protect feature of the Ganchun Toolbox, for us, nothing can beat the steel, rust-resistant construction of the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox.

The Final Say

Considering the price of the Stack-On Multipurpose Toolbox and its high-quality features and built, it can be concluded that it is an excellent product to invest in. Overall, it can store, lift, and transport tools and accessories without much hassle.

Indeed, it is a multifunctional toolbox for any items that need storage, protection, and transport. For this reason, whether you are a professional contractor or a beginner DIY project enthusiast, this toolbox is for you.


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